2nd Place Rally Dakar 2019

What a tough Rally Dakar 2019

I am really glad that this fight is over now … In the morning of the last stage, I already knew that the stage is was extremely dangerous. With long hard to see edges and valleys. We mostly rode with about 100km/h average. Nonetheless, I’ve been pushing hard, but also trying to act as safe as possible.

I was very motivated but also tried to enjoy the last hundred kilometers. I really consider it a huge privilege to do what I can do here. And that I can make it to the podium if everything runs well.

The whole rally was so hard that I said to myself: Now it’s time to enjoy. And this excitement in the end also pushed me Did it pushed me a lot. The bike has worked great, and I tried to give full throttle.

At 90km/h I misjudged a dune and slammed into the opposite slope. While in the air, I switched down a gear and tried to manage to move forward as soon as I landed so the impact wouldn´t be too hard. I managed to stay on the bike, but hit my head at the handlebar pretty intensely and the already injured ankle got injured even more.

From this point on, it was just my goal to finish because I was in big pain. With the adrenaline rush, I managed to move on and I did not give myself time to think about the pain in my ankle. That went pretty good for me then. I got to all the waypoints well and made good progress.

At the same time, I also thought about the other drivers. I knew that everyone would push again today and saw this edge in the dunes as a great danger to others as well. A few minutes later, I saw a rescue helicopter flying in that direction and I thought that, hopefully, no one else would have been injured badly…

I then crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes! I have put so much energy into the race and was extremely hard every day. At this point, I would like to express once again a big compliment and thank you to the whole team of KTM Factory Racing. Everything worked great. It was surely our best Dakar together ever.

The air is really thin at this level.  Therefore a huge compliment also to Toby Price! Unbelievable how he pushed this through with a broken arm.

THANKS a lot for everything to you all. Your support is extremely valuable in difficult phases.

I´m really looking forward to getting home now.

Let´s open the champagne and cheers to all of us



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