Before the last day of Rally Dakar 2019

Stage 9:

It was a very long day again and I’m really glad it’s over.

My ankle, which I injured on the marathon stage a couple of days ago, was hurting a lot. It´s so bad now I´m actually happy when it´s over after the last stage tomorrow… ?

The pace today was higher than I expected.

We alternated at the front. When we got to the mountains with a lot of “fesh-fesh” sand we had to drive through extremely dense fog again. The visibility was zero and it was brutally dangerous.

At kilometer 200, it was a bit chaotic because we could not find a waypoint. It is really difficult to decide then during the race when every minute counts: do I continue on my own and take off to where I believe it is, or should I stay with my competitors?! After some minutes I found the waypoint then first and I drove off. The others recognized this relatively quickly and followed me. After some kilometers we were all driving together again.

At kilometer 280, Van Beveren drove a completely different CAP that was 20 degrees too far to the right as the roadbook had indicated. I just thought that maybe he knows more than us and he wants to take the straight line. But again at this moment we didn´t find the right waypoint. Nobody knew where we were and in the middle of high dunes we had to look around.

As rider, you can perform great and give everything for nine days, but if you then don´t find this one waypoint, it can all be over in one go.
To make the right decision in these moments is brutally stressful. When we finally found the waypoint, together with Cornejo I drove ahead.
Price and Quintanilla caught up with us and we reached the finished all together at the same time.

Also for my KTM bike the whole Rally Dakar has been extremely demanding. It has been working fine – let´s hope it runs smoothalso on the last kilometers.
I have a good starting position for tomorrow and a podium would be really cool.

But as we see every day, everything still can happen.

I will once again give all I have and I´m already looking forward to be in the finish with a smile after tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support.

One more day to go ????


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