exciting summer

What a diverse and exciting summer:
A lot has happened after the triumph of the Rally Dakar in January. I had many appointments, got to know many new people and made new experiences. It was a truly exciting time for me.

So many different people have been happy with me and congratulated me.
I want to tell you all thank you again!
It makes me proud that you stand behind me.

After this stressful time, it was important for me to catch up with training and to spend a lot of time on the motocross over the summer.

I rode a lot of motocross and enduro and tried to do frequent prolonged sessions.
I wanted to stay in Austria as much as possible to save energy.
Every trip and every test abroad is important, but of course also requires a lot of effort.
We also spent a week testing in Spain with the KTM Rallye Bike, where we gained a lot of valuable experience.

It was a great time and I was able to prepare well. I also noticed that in the last races in South America: I feel good on the bike and manage a high level of speed and consistent performance.
Unfortunately, this was not reflected in my final results.
We encountered some bad luck: In Argentina, my battery was broken and another time there was given too little gasoline in my tank during a connecting stage in my tank, resulting in a painful 8-minute penalty. Then in Chile, I lost way and could not catch up the lost 6 minutes anymore. However, if you read between the lines, there also were some successes:
Every time I won a stage and I also won the prologue in Argentina.

But in the last rallies I could take a step forward and I´m really happy to finish the Rallye World Championship on the third place overall.


Thanks to my partners, I also got the opportunity to participate in two 4-wheel races this summer.
The KTM Rookies Cup was particularly enjoyable and I even achieved a second place at Salzburg Ring with a KTM X-Bow. Of course, I was already familiar with the Salzburg Ring, but this was my first time to drive there. This was a truly amazing experience for me.

The Porsche Super Cup was amazing, too. This cup was associated with much more tension for me, as many excellent racers competed and it is probably one of the toughest cups in the world.
That may explain why this cup takes place in the course of the Formula 1 race at the Red Bull Ring. My personal goal was simply not to finish last, which I managed to reach well.

In the following 2 months until the Rallye Dakar I want to spend as much time as possible on my bike and train as efficient as possible. So the goal is to reach my full potential for the Dakar Rally 2019. There the mission is clear: Title defense!


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