Rally Dakar Marathon Stages

Fullspeed Rally Dakar 2019 Peru

Today we started the first part of the marathon stage: 510 kilometers from Arequipa to Moquegua.

I had a good day.
That was just fine after the annoying day yesterday.
I was the first one to start the race yesterday. I navigated correctly with the roadbook. But in the note 177 there was a mistake and a turn was marked incorrectly for a few hundred meters. That's how I lost more than 20 minutes.There are rules that say there is no possibility for a protest if the organizer makes a mistake in the roadbook. That's why I did not get a time credit. That´s really frustrating! ?
I also had a crash: I have overlooked an edge in the dunes. I flipped and hurt my face and lips a little.So it was even more important that I have achieved a good result today.
It was an extremely fast stage again today, especially on the first 200 kilometers. I had a good start and I felt very good today, even though I was a bit struck by yesterday's crash. The navigation was not particularly difficult today. The tracks of the front drivers helped in the off-piste.

After the refueling, I misjudged a situation badly ?: I jumped over an edge and crashed into the opposite slope, which I had estimated a lot flatter. At first, I thought my ankle was broken. Due to that I lost some time in the end.

I am now happy to be at the finish and I am very satisfied with today's performance. It was a good day. Only my ankle worries me a bit.

After the finish line, no help from our team is allowed and any damage needs to be repaired alone. Even not from our physiotherapist. So I hope that my ankle will be well looked after from the medic of the organization.

I'm back in the game with a seventh place overall and about nine minutes behind Ricky Brabec.
So it looks a lot better than yesterday ?

Tomorrow the second part of the marathon stage with a mass start and 776 kilometers through the Ilo dunes to Arequipa.

Thank you for the support and please keep crossing your fingers,


RESULT Stage 4 —> 

  1. Ricky Brabec HONDA (USA), 3h 40m 30s
  2. Matthias Walkner KTM, +00:06:19
  3. Toby Price KTM (AUS), +00:07:07
  4. Sam Sunderland KTM (GBR), +00:11:35
  5. Adrien Van Beveren YAMAHA (FRA), +00:13:29


Overall Results after stage 4 —>

  1. Ricky Brabec HONDA (USA), 12h 33m 00s
  2. Pablo Quintanilla HUSQVARNA (CHL), +00:02:19
  3. Toby Price KTM (AUS), +00:04:22
  4. Sam Sunderland KTM (GBR), +00:05:45
  5. Adrien Van Beveren YAMAHA (FRA), +00:08:56
  6. Kevin Benavides HONDA (ARG), +00:09:01
  7. Matthias Walkner KTM, +00:09:31


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